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How To Create Ambiance With Candles

With our contemporary, demanding lives, it is all too easy to treat your home like a hotel. Many individuals spend less than five waking hours a day in their home and, unfortunately, it often shows too. Many people's homes have changed back to 'cold' houses where you store your stuff, do your laundry and sleep. In other words they lack warmth and personality.However, warmth and personality can certainly be restored or created in a home by spending some time in it and imparting some of your self into your surroundings. One of the simplest ways of doing this is by the use of candles and beautiful candle holders. Candles will add plenty of warmth and personality to your home and make you want to spend more time there.The bedroom is a good place to start. Whether you want your bedroom to be a place of romance or of sanctuary, candles will help. A candelabrum on a table top always looks good, but so will small tea lights on the dresser. Small floating candles in the shape of water lilies or other flowers look fant...


Iron Candle Stands

Every candle needs a holder and what could be statelier than iro stands? Candles fulfill many purposes, from lighting up the room when the electric goes out to creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner. Rather than resorting to unsafe and ugly chipped saucers or cups without handles, candle holders add your signature touch to interior rooms, as well as the exterior deck or driveway.Wall mountable wrought iron sconces offer an ideal option to the glaring electric light for warming-up dim hallways or winding staircases. A sconce mounted on each side of an exquisite oil painting or beveled mirror creates an auspicious focal point. Or, place candle stands flanking a ceiling-to-floor mirror to create the appearance of opulence.Just as every candle needs a holder there is an iron holder for every candle including tapers, votives and pillars. Handcrafted iron candle stands are available from the minimalistic for modernists to the scrolled, swirly Victorian style. Whether your home portrays classic, country...


Garden Candle Lanterns Create A Warm And Inviting Outdoor Space

Garden candle lanterns are an affordable way to make an outdoor space feel welcoming and warm. Candles bring warmth indoors and out, so adding this flattering and elegant lighting source to an outdoor space is just the thing to make the area feel inviting.Candle lanterns are usually quite decorative, so those wanting to bring color and style into an outdoor space are in luck. Even before the lanterns are lit, they have already added interest to the patio or balcony. There are lanterns that are simple and chic and design, which are perfect for modern and contemporary style gardens.Garden candle lanterns offer the most ambiance in the evening. The light is just enough to bring warmth to an outdoor space without overwhelming those in the area. While floodlights and traditional outdoor light fixtures are harsh and bright, candle lanterns offer soft, subtle lighting. It is still possible to enjoy the moonlight and the flash of lightning bugs with candle lanterns, but the lanterns add a warm, consistent glow to the...


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